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Shell Essences assistance through difficult times

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Even though many of us are going through difficult times, the Shell Essences knew this was expected, and are always here to help.

As if there wasn’t enough conflict with all the Covid stuff – vax and antivax! there have been huge solar flares causing a lot of unbalance and tiredness, and a vague, unnamed virus causing gut upset and unbalance. Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to last more than a few days, and the best advice is to rest! Our Planetary friends are also causing disruption for some, but also help for others, depending on our personal astrology.

If you would like a

(cost $40 plus postage) just phone the office.

I would also recommend:

and also ‘

, and the spray

. All sprays can also be made into stock essences, if you would prefer this. (124ml Sprays are $30 each, but the 3 sprays together are $60 special, and 25ml stock spray blends are $35, or $60 for the three)

I wish you much peace and many blessings. Nancy

Kimberleigh Joblins Astrology Information

If you’ve been having a difficult time lately - here’s one possible Astrological explanation for why. We’re in the middle of a Strong Astrological Cycle -where The Quick Silver Planet Mercury - is in a prolonged Retro-Shade / then Retrograde / then Retro-Shade again for Two Months; from around early September to 3rd November 2021, and you may be feeling the opportunity to Re-Tract or Re-Do or Re-Think, as your options are very muddled; Good old Murky Mercury is up to his tricks again!

The Zodiac Sign that “Tricky Merchant” Mercury Retrogrades in this time, is generally Lovable Libra ♎️ (Re-Apply, Re-Negotiate, Re-Tract, or Get a Better Deal) - the Sign of the Scales, Duos, Duets, and Duels. Your need to find and experience Libras offerings Of Beauty, Peace and Balance may be seriously upended at this time by the recent triple conjunction in Libra ♎️ of Retrograde Mercury, holding hands with Hot-Head/Rev-Head Mars, and the brightest Luminary in our skies, our Transiting Sun. ☀️

If you’ve recently charged into something head first (Mars) and now regret it, the Sun ☀️ is really shining his spotlight on your issue, and Mercury our favourite trickster of the Zodiac, is pouring molten metal on the fire, 🔥and good luck is coming more to fore right now because Transiting Jupiter (Solutions, Opportunity, Grand Answers And Abundant Blessings) is about to move forward again in Harmony with your Libra ♎️ Experience, bringing much positivity and good forward direction in the right way for you.

Let’s use the Heavenly bodies and our inner sights, inner knowing, to turn this around in your favour! May your life be graced with good outcomes now - the celestial bodies support this.


In Health and Wellness, Kimberleigh Joblin - Naturopath Astrologer

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