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Replanting our Inner Gardens

We all understand that we, and most of humanity are travelling through difficult terrain and the best way we can help us all is to work on ourselves first. We know we are carrying many unnecessary weeds and rubbish, and now is an excellent time to work on seeing, and removing these.

The Planetary Energy, which impacts us all in many different ways, is now helping us to remove this negative stuff, - with our choice, our understanding and our commitment to do the difficult work.

When we stop pretending that all is well, and instead recognize and decide to remove the negative stuff, a more positive choice then becomes available.

Each spade full of sludge and weeds we remove, leaves space for something much better to grow and blossom. This may then add positive energy into our community, as each person is then touched by the return of beauty, and eventually our country and planet will also benefit.

The Planets are downloading their assistance, so pick up your spade and start shoveling out that dirty sludge and weeds you’ve been carrying for years and even lifetimes.

Our personal spring is arriving, so lets weed our inner gardens, and replant with beautiful new blossoming growth.

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