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Positive thought

‘You hear a lot about the power of positive thought, but perhaps you don’t realise just how powerful this is. Thought forms created your universe; they are energy structures, and you have the ability to use thought forms in which ever way you choose.

If you choose to expect disappointment and repeat this expectation throughout your life, then disappointment will find you. However if you have developed a habit of positive expectations your life will run very smoothly.

No matter which habit you have been taught and have practiced, with choice, intent and awareness this can be changed. You are creative beings, and creativity is your basic characteristic, otherwise you could never create your world, your planetary existence. But how you choose to use your creativity is your choice.

Again, awareness is the first step towards change. Become aware of your thoughts, listen to them; speak them aloud to get a better understanding of the instructions you are giving yourself, and when you hear a negative message, change it to a positive one immediately. You may need to repeat the positive words many times to negate one negative thought.

Your unconscious mind may be set on disappointment and fear, but when these messages impact your conscious mind, you can take immediate steps to negate them and replace them with positive affirmations. Remember, you are little engines of creativity, and asleep or awake, you are creating your world, and your thoughts are the building materials.

Imagine you are building yourself a temple. If you use faulty, unattractive building materials, what will you create? But if you choose the best marble, beautiful carvings, strong weatherproof materials, your beautiful temple will be unaffected by any storms and it will give you comfort and protection, and be an inspiration to all who view it.

So what will you build? The choice is yours’.

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