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Making Choices

We have often been programmed to believe that we have no choice except to believe, and do what others tell us; however, we always have a choice, and this is how we learn the lessons of humanity and grow in knowledge and wisdom.

When in doubt we must always check with our intuition. Stored within our DNA and our heart-based energy is much wisdom, and many lessons previously learnt. There are choices we need to make every day, some minor, some major, and self-doubt can always arise.

If we decide to live our human life helping others, we must remember that the first person we must help is ourself. When we acknowledge our possibly individual needs, and do what is in our highest interest, because we are all interconnected, that will also be for the highest interest of others also.

When we choose from our inner wisdom, not from old conditioning and old beliefs, we know that the choices we make will be the correct ones for us; but we also know that others may make different choices, and we must honour their differences.

I always tell myself “I am not walking in their shoes, so I don’t know the reasons behind that decision, but I honour their choice”.

Perhaps the biggest lesson we need to learn regarding ‘choice’ is to ‘trust and obey’ – trust our intuitive wisdom, and follow its advice. It’s easy to step back and say “How would I know that?” But when we listen within and trust, we’ll discover we have much more wisdom, experience, and knowledge than we may have expected. When we listen to, and trust our intuition we will always make the right choice.

Three Shell Essences that may help us making choices are;

Coral No.1;For clear thinking, cognitive function, understanding concepts, connections, and results; great for decision making.

Ammonite; Heart-centered courage and steadfast faith.

Wisdom Rock; Acknowledging and accessing our inner wisdom.

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