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Feeling Tired

Many of us are feeling tired at present, but not from physical exertion; so, what?

Perhaps due to anxiety, and fear about what is going on at present – the stress of should I, or shouldn’t I vax?? Will I still be employed? What are my family and friends pushing me towards? What is affecting my self-worth? And perhaps I’m going into self-criticism?

There is fear being propagated within the media by governments, and we also learn of disasters happening in other countries. Everything fearful we see, hear and think, and especially believe, can have a negative effect on us, and cause anxiety and then tiredness.

There are also Planetary events – Mercury retrograde and Mercury ‘retroshade’, and the large Solar Flares!! maybe there’s a lot of change going on ‘upstairs’ at present?

So how do we deal with this? Firstly, we must rest – any tiredness is the bodies way of telling us that we need to rest, so our body, mind and spirit can heal. We could use this time of rest to become aware of what might be affecting us; we can take slow, deep steady breaths, and instead of fear and anxiety, bring thoughts of peaceful, quiet, inner happiness.

Perhaps our planet is going through what science calls ‘the tipping point’, where old, negative beliefs and actions are no longer relevant, and are starting to give way to feminine energies of love, peace and compassion?

Let’s use this time of rest, created by our tiredness, to meditate on spreading the Light of love, care, peace and compassion within ourselves, and throughout all countries; remembering that Light is more powerful than darkness, and we have chosen to be here at this important time to help spread this Light.

Thankyou tiredness, forgiving us time to spread the Light.

Shell Essences which may help release this tiredness are;

Essenshell Calm Serenity:creates calmness and tranquility when stress seems unmanageable.

No More Fear: support and relief during fearful episodes.

Stress-less: To calm emotional stress.

Essenshell Self-Empowerment: For self-empowerment, certainty, and confidence.

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