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The message today is about ‘evolution’. This means that we are all evolving – growing wiser, turning away from difficult ways of ‘being’, and understanding. Even though we might think “what else can I possibly learn?” there is much knowledge and wisdom still awaiting us, and we must first request, and then trust and believe.

If we look back to the ‘way we were’, and the way things appeared to be back then, we will understand how far we have already come; but so much more awaits to be discovered. We can always notice how nature, and the planet have evolved, and how they continue to evolve.

Just look at the humble caterpillar, how it does the difficult task of creating a chrysalis to rest in while continuing to evolve into a beautiful butterfly; what a miracle of nature! When we are presented with difficult situations, understand that these may be lessons for us to learn to solve so that we too, may evolve into our beautiful Being.

Within each difficult situation lays new knowledge, and to learn we must first release the old ‘this is the way things are’, and look toward creating new solutions. From childhood onwards we have been shown new situations, and have learned to change and grow, and we continue to evolve as individuals and as humanity. Will our evolution ever cease? Will we reach the finishing line? There is no competition – we are all in this together!

So, instead of looking at difficult situations as ‘disasters’ and trying to find solutions we have used in the past, lets look to possible solutions we can now create, and und

erstand the growth of wisdom these situations offer. Then we can continue to evolve towards higher levels of ‘being’, and take our rightful place on our evolving planet and universal home.

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