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Contentment and Peace

The message today is about the value of Contentment and Peace instead of concern and fear.

It’s so important at present not to take on fear! We are at a pivotal stage in our human and planetary development, and need to lay all our fears aside, and instead focus on contentment, peace, togetherness, and of course love.

Fear is so prevalent today, that it’s almost as if we are breathing it in from the ethers, even when we remove our attention from the negative media reports.

I believe that the best way to remove fear is to practice fearlessness; to know that we are in charge of our lives, and can always make the best decisions to create lives of contentment, harmony, care and peace, and to create a healthy planet that will always continue to support us with the help of Mother nature.

Remember that each decision we make, although it might seem inconsequential, is a small step forward towards creating a planet that will support our health, and our many possible lives of contentment and peace. When we join hands with Mother Earth and Mother Nature, then together we shall all survive and thrive.

If we hold positive beliefs, and focus with confidence on our self-worth and achievements, then we will achieve even more.

A new Shell Essence has recently been created from a beautiful Rhodonite stone found in Western Australia, with perhaps a connection to the Native Aboriginal People.

Its message is to create the feelings of Contentment and Peace.

When Rhodonite brings feelings of contentment and peace

Our fears and concerns will finally cease.

A pathway of Light now spreads through the world;

Our hearts are open, our sails are unfurled.

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