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One of the most important qualities we need to develop today is the quality of co-operation. When there is co-operation between like-minded people amazing achievements can occur. When there is co-operation between people of different minds then the seemingly impossible may happen. Differences can be put aside to achieve something that will benefit all, and then gradually the differences may fade away.

Co-operation is achieved by listening with compassion to another’s beliefs which are driven by their different life-experiences, and then finding threads of similarity and strengthening these until a beautiful pattern begins to emerge. Creating this pattern becomes more important than the original differences. Within each person dwells inner wisdom and love, and co-operation helps these to grow and become realised and accepted.

To create communities and countries which co-operate together, and not against each other, begins with the intent of people like you and me. The smallest efforts of co-operation will grow and expand. Each day search for broken threads between family members, friends, workmates, and even exchanges with strangers and find ways to re-join these broken threads.

Co-operation begins with caring, tolerance and compassion, and then our beautiful pattern of oneness will begin to re-emerge.

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