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Beginning our Journey

Extract from Nancy’s Book

“Beginning our Journey’’

“Whenever you feel sad, confused, or don’t know which way to turn, remember you have been here before. You know the way back to fullness and love. You just need to remember it and trust.

From the love within your heart, there is a way back to harmony, compassion, happiness, inner peace and wisdom.

The way you are following isn’t always obvious to you or to others; however, it’s there, taking shape as you start your journey. Please allow this knowledge to resonate within you heart and you will know it’s true

There is so much help available for you now. Please don’t let memories of previous difficulties arise to darken your vision. Take the hands of Spirit that are held out to guide you. When the time is right, you will guide others.

This is the first step of your journey. You have had many experiences of repeating old patterns. Now is the time to change direction. The biggest hurdle you will face is your own distrust and anxiety from times now past.

Keep your vision only on your own ‘footsteps’ – not on what your media is showing you, or where others might choose to go. This book is written to help you remember. It stimulates an energy flow that connects to your heart, therefore releasing your own heart-centered wisdom.”

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