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Be the Change you Want to See

We all know, as we have been told many times, that we are at a turning point for our planet; but waiting for the politicians in charge to create this turning point may not happen for some time.

What can we each do to create the changes we desire?

We may all have positive ideas and beliefs about the changes we think are imperative, and Spiritual Science says that what creates positive changes on our planet are the small, positive actions by individual people. As long as these actions are inspired by the feminine energies of compassion, kindness and peace for humanity and all of nature, the energy goes into the magnetic grid of the planet, and the changes recorded here are then felt throughout the planet.

The planetary grid to which we are all connected is slowly being changed from competition and aggression to compassion and peace by our small, but important actions.

It may not be enough to just have positive ideals; we must manifest these ideals into changes in each of our lives. First, we must become open to new ideas, aware of any current difficulties, and then make the necessary changes.

By becoming the change in our lives we want to see, change on an even larger scale can happen with ease and grace.

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