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Peaceful Patience

‘Change’ is occurring all over the planet, sometimes quite fast, and sometimes more slowly. But change, although absolutely necessary, is not always comfortable, even when we acknowledge the necessity for change.

Our bodies and minds have been programmed to maintain our lives in the same way, possibly for centuries, with fear being our ‘bottom line’. So we find we are still reacting from an unconscious fear-based reality, and thus creating more difficult lives and difficult health.

If our DNA, Akashic record, and all the cells in our bodies have been programmed with the expectation of difficulties, then when the new, higher dimensional energy impacts these slower moving frequencies there is stress and strain in our bodies, and our unconscious memories ‘battle’ to remain ‘the same as usual’.

However the first step we must take is to notice the need for positive change, as more and more old tendencies are being uncovered and the need for change in all areas of our lives is becoming more obvious. When we see that change is needed in a particular area and it’s not happening, the old response is to complain, push and shove!

So the next step towards creating harmonious lives, communities and countries is an attitude of peaceful patience. Patience with our bodies as they try to adapt, patience with our emotions when they become stressed, and patience with humanity as it slowly learns that the old negative beliefs no longer create the growth that was expected.

Perhaps positive, peaceful patience is the yarn we are currently creating to weave a new and more beautiful tapestry of life.

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