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Even though life may seem difficult at present, with courage and inner belief in the higher values of caring, love, compassion and continual positive growth, we can create lives where everything positive is possible.

For many lifetimes we have learned to focus on problems, difficulties, and possible dangerous scenarios, so it’s not easy to change our focus onto the possible positive, and thus create the probable positive!

But within each of us is a ‘well of courage’ – we just need to acknowledge it, begin to sip, and eventually drink from this abundance of courageous belief that continues to bubble up from an unknown source. Once we begin to take sips of courage we find our lives do actually begin to change, and our self-doubt – the ‘mud’ that has covered our positive creative abilities, begins to fade away.

To continue this trend we must always acknowledge the positive results, no matter how small and possibly insignificant they may seem. Remember that our thoughts and beliefs create our lives, and therefore our world. Whenever that negative mud begins to discolour our positive beliefs, always immediately press the ‘delete button’, or wash the glass and refill it with clean water from your well of courage.

Refrain from taking the easy step and focusing on the negative; you may always find nuisances buzzing around. Open your beautiful flower of a loving smile and more flower buds will begin to open. The nuisances may then open their own flowers or just buzz away.

Continue to water your smiling blossoms from the well of courage and create the beautiful world waiting for us.

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