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Recognising Potential Problems

Although there will be no potential disastrous end to this planet or to humanity there must be changes, and recognition for the need for change is very important.

Our recognition of the value of our planet, of nature and of all of humanity will determine the amount of positive change we accomplish. Although we have developed somewhat disastrous patterns of behaviour in the past, we are now becoming aware of this; it is our awareness, and recognition of the need for change that will allow us to leave old negative habits behind.

Certainly this is not easy, but when enough people realise, foe example, the damage plastic material is doing to our planet, a more environmentally friendly product is waiting to be created. It is the recognition that creates a better answer, and this recognition is happening throughout the world; recognition that war doesn’t create peace; recognition that felling large areas of forest removes oxygen and increases carbon dioxide; recognition that bullying is not a road to personal success etc.

With recognition of potential problems we can avert these problems before they create too much damage; but recognition requires an open mind, not one immersed only in the patterns of the past.

So as you go about each day, keep an open mind, and when you notice potential problems, ask your intuitive wisdom for a way to solve or avoid them and solutions will appear. However the first and most important step is recognition, and your belief that a solution is waiting.

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