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Wisdom Lays Within

When you feel that you can’t create something you desire, you ask the Spiritual Masters and Angels to create it for you.

Do you realise that these requests and prayers are not allowing us to help you? You are only belittling yourselves with the belief that you are unable to create, or change anything without outside spiritual assistance?

This may seem helpful, but it is so wrong!

Within each of you are the abilities you are requesting from your spiritual guides. Now is the time to discover that the answers, the creativity and the power you desire lay within.

When you have uncovered and developed your love, compassion and inner faith, then you can ask yourselves to solve your problems. We in Spirit can give you little hints, little synchronicities to show that you are creating your desires, and there is much joy in the spiritual realm (in which you also abide) when you notice and realise what you are achieving.

So instead of asking for help ‘outside’ ask ‘within’, and know that this is where your creativity, healing and wisdom really reside.

“Ask and ye shall receive” – but ask the amazing wisdom that lies within, and you will create a wonderful life for you and for your entire beautiful evolving planet.

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