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Tiredness is usually the result of physical activity, but weariness is the result of too much unnecessary emotional activity – worry; anxiety; fear; lack of trust and faith; taking on the worries of others and trying to solve their problems. This all results in weariness – not a feeling of muscular tiredness but of emotional exhaustion.

If this weariness continues it also affects the physical body, which may then show signs of stress as illness – especially chronic illness, and premature aging. How can this be resolved? The first stage is to become aware of the problem. Don’t dismiss weariness as just a part of human life, but try to uncover the specific causes. Understand that problems are not solved by worry and stress, but by finding the causes and removing them.

Women have often been programmed to take on the concerns and problems of others, which can’t be solved by us, so we just carry the burden. It seems somehow wrong to hand the burden back, but only the person involved can solve the problem once they own it. If the problem causing anxiety belongs to us, when we cease worrying, new solutions can be found.

Weariness can become a habit – even an accepted mode of life, but when we believe there is a much happier and fulfilling life awaiting us, we can open that door and step inside.

Focus on your breathing, and take slow, steady connected breaths, and place a hand over your heart. Breathe in all the beauty and happiness you can now imagine. Feel a new wave of energy enlivening your life, and know that this also enlivens our planet.

Thank you with gratitude for all you are doing.

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