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Peace is the feeling that remains when you cease to worry about what is, or what might be, happening in your life.

An attitude of Peace is so important to allow new concepts and creative ideas to flow.

Peace is what remains when all the irritating, negative thoughts are washed away. With intent, by encouraging an open mind, allowing new ideas to flow, new friendships to develop, and new ‘reactions’ that are no longer coloured by what we believe we have experienced in our ‘past’, Peace creates the background on which love and harmony can finally flow. It’s not something that can be chased, or sought, but what naturally occurs when worries and concerns are deleted.

Peace is an acceptance of synchronicity, and an allowance for anything we cannot currently understand. It’s the pattern of life where ‘miracles’ are natural occurrences. It is not so much a ‘state of mind’ but the absence of a ‘state of mind’.

When the Love within, the Love with which we are all created is uncovered, the feeling of ‘Peace, which bypasses all understanding’ is the natural result.

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