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The Flow of Words and Thoughts.

If we have forgotten the importance of words and thoughts, we need to remember that our thoughts and words create our lives. They are both connected; our thoughts influence the words we speak, and our words send patterns of thoughts which create our actions. When we become conscious of the words we speak – even in jest, we will begin to notice how they are manifesting in our lives.

If we listen to our ‘Inner Self’, our intuition, we will hear only positivity and love. But our human, ego-driven thoughts are often those of anger, fear and resentment. These angry fear-driven thoughts will create words of anger, fear and the expectation of difficulty, so guess what our lives are manifesting?

Perhaps it’s the conversations we have with ourselves which cause the most damage. If we listen with attention to the words with which we often silently deride ourselves, and understand that our ego-selves are listening and then attempting to create what they hear, we might take more care.

Remember, everything is vibration; words of positivity and love create vibrations of harmony which spread throughout our physical bodies and our auras, and so create health and happiness. Words of fear and anger create negative vibrations which impact our bodies, and the lives of those around us.

Your thoughts are your building materials and words are your tools. Are you building an old run-down house with ancient rotting timber and broken bricks from long ago, using rusty damaged tools? Or are you creating a beautiful home with lovely, strong, harmonious materials and the ease and grace of modern equipment?

So when you wish to change your life, change your thoughts and your words

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