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The Wisdom of Dogs Lessons from an Old Dog

Updated: May 15, 2020

I’d like to send you some doggie wisdom; I think I’ve lived long enough to get some things figured out.

We dogs notice everything, but we don’t complain like humans; we know if you just accept and don’t judge, you’re happy.

If someone growls and barks at you like they want to tear you to shreds, wag your tail, walk on and ignore them – maybe they’re having a bad day. Act friendly, and most dogs you meet will also be friendly.

Don’t jump up and try to steal food; if you back off, wag your tail a lot, try to get eye contact and send them lots of love, you’ll be amazed by how many barbequed chicken scraps will come your way – even bacon sometimes!

Always have a positive attitude; if you expect someone to take you for a walk, it will

happen, maybe not exactly when you think it will, but be patient and never lower your expectations and a walk will happen; believe me it works every time. But start to think “I’ll never get a walk” and guess what – you won’t!

Everyone has bad days sometimes, so if you notice someone with a bad day happening, it doesn’t hurt to give them a friendly lick and a tail wag; acknowledge you’ve noticed they’re feeling bad and that you care. We dogs are better at that than people, so we need to show you how it’s done.

Lots of love and licks from an old dog.

as told to Nancy from Tyron to his mate Ben ♡

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