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The Value of Pets

Our planet has been seeded with everything we need in order to create lives of harmony, love, compassion and peace. So if our hearts are aching for that feeling of loving acceptance and silent understanding, remember there is usually an animal waiting and willing to spread its loving energy over us.

Our pets are always ready to give us unconditional love and support when we need it most. They ask very little from us, just basic food and care, but in return provide the qualities of unconditional love and compassion.

When we realize the importance of this energy that we can feel within our hearts but which words don’t adequately describe, then we can begin to understand the importance of the love we receive from animals.

We have always appreciated the physical work which animals provided for us, but we need to also understand and appreciate the positive, loving energy they give if we are open and accepting of this.

The vibrational energy of love and support is creating a planet in which all life can flow together in a beautiful pattern, creating the harmony we need in order to grow and flourish. So whenever you feel disconnected and lonely, look into the eyes of your animal friends and reconnect to the love, compassion and acceptance of oneness which are the special gifts they can provide.

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