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The Sound of Silence

We are so accustomed to the noise of traffic if we live in a city and the constant chatter from our electronic devices. But the most important sound is…..the sound of silence.

When there is silence we can hear our own thoughts, we can slow down and delete much of the inner chatter we weren’t aware of before.

Silence is the voice of nature; the background of the rustle of leaves, the song of birds, the peaceful wash of waves and the ripple of a creek.

I have just spent a weekend at my son and daughter-in-laws home in the countryside of Narooma, and one of my most beautiful memories (apart from my sons home-brewed beer!) is sitting outside in the silence of country.

When we are surrounded by silence we can begin to ‘feel’ the person we actually are.

No need to play a role or hide our feelings; we can move out of the pretence of human life, and not feel a need to fill ourselves with the sound of electronic devices. To be ourselves in the stillness and silence is such a powerful experience, one that is often missing from our busy lives.

Perhaps one of the unrecognized blessings of these difficult times is our introduction to stillness, peacefulness, and quiet times.

One day we might understand that it was during this time of silence when we actually got to know our ‘real self’, the beautiful inner Being.

So let’s allow the powerful energy of silence to spread its harmony throughout our lives. When we search for silence, we will find ourselves.

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