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The Rainbow of Humanity

We have an ancient acceptable method of counting everything, which then separates whatever we are counting into smaller blocks, little ‘amounts’, that are completely irrelevant within the wisdom of the new energy which sees wholeness instead of separate segments.

For centuries we have probably been accustomed to dividing everything into ‘quantities’, seeing everything as physical substances rather than the energy to which it actually belongs. Science even separates energy into smaller particles until there is just ‘space’….. So then what?

Even though counting numbers has been so important for us to understand the physical universe we believe we live in, everything has become a number of more or less importance – the people within families, societies, countries etc. This causes us to view everything as separate entities.

Can we separate all the colours we see in a rainbow and try to pull the rainbow apart? Then why do we separate all the people of our planet by perceived skin colour, race, beliefs etc? Why not consider us all intrinsic colours of the rainbow of life? Could you imagine a rainbow without the blue or the red?

Then imagine all the energy of humanity to be like a rainbow.

What a different world we could see and understand if we could visualize the rainbow of humanity.

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