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The Quiet Time

The conditions we are experiencing during this virus pandemic have given us time to focus within; however unfortunately the focus at present seems to be only on every aspect of the virus!

Perhaps instead of focusing on the virus and what might happen next, we have been given the time we so require to relax and look within; not easy for those home-schooling their children, but we can all find some stillness and quiet-time if we ask for it.

What if the actual message of this virus is instead of focusing on the fearful ‘what ifs’, but instead realizing there is a reason we have been forced into some ‘me-time’. Not so easy to walk in nature, or beside the sea and reflect, but we can always sit in our garden or in a peaceful room to reflect.

Now we have been given time that has not usually been available before, to go within ourselves and reflect upon our lives, what can we learn to do differently that we didn’t give ourselves the time or space to think about, or to plan before? Have our lives become so busy with work etc that we believed that this was all we have come to this planet to do?

The planetary energy is rising; how can we use this new higher vibration to achieve what we would never have considered possible? Can we move into this beautiful energy and contribute our share of love and compassion?

What can we do differently that really isn’t working at present?

When we can stop focusing on the virus of fear and restriction, who knows what we may discover? Everything we need to know lays within, waiting for the request and the openness, and the quiet time to listen.

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1 Comment

Janine Height
May 01, 2020

I am really enjoying my "aloneness" during this time. To quote wise Billy Connolly: "It's not the absence of you, it's the presence of me."

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