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The Importance of Everybody

Too often we isolate ourselves from others; sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally, and sometimes even spiritually. We may believe we are different to other people and they are different to us.

While it’s important to focus on ourselves sometimes in order to deal with our problem areas, we also need to understand that we are all part of ‘everybody’. We are each a composite part of the ‘oneness of all’, and recognizing our ‘oneness’ rather than our perceived differences is the first step towards developing compassionate, caring communities, and a world where we are all part of the tapestry of humanity.

Even though Nature consists of many different creations – creatures, trees, and countryside, these are all part of the nature of this planet, and everything

in nature is connected to work together.

When we look at our human bodies, each part is different, but all parts are designed to work together to keep us alive and healthy.

It is the same for humanity; we are all part of the humankind of this planet; we are not only ‘somebody’, we are all part of ‘everybody’. We are all part of one beautiful pattern, the pattern of humanity.

When we allow all the so-called different pieces to join together and create the beautiful pattern of humankind, then the importance of differences will melt away, and the importance of ‘everybody’ will be here to stay – for the highest good of all humankind on our planet.

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