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The Importance of Connecting

Too often today we disconnect ourselves from others due to fear and a belief in the need for individuality. Perhaps we should observe nature where, for example, bees in a hive all work together with different tasks, and together they achieve something that individually they could not.

We begin to understand that our possible differences are necessary for the wholeness to work effectively, and we can see how pointless are wars, boundaries, rights and wrongs; they’re only constraints and obstructions we invent to deal with our fear.

Our physical bodies are composed of many different parts, all created from similar cells and all working together to create our amazing Being. And when we are able to understand that we are all parts of the amazing Being we call ‘humanity’ we can expand this understanding to all work together within the energy field from which we are all created. When we respect and value our perceived differences we can create ‘humanity’ rather than ‘nationality’.

It may seem a long road, but our journey towards wholeness has commenced, and despite the difficulties and old negative beliefs we may still have to face, there is now no turning back; and the closer we connect, the faster we can travel forward.

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