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The message today is about ‘submission’. In this context ‘submission’ means submitting to the ideas and demands of others – be they people supposedly in charge, or just family and friends who wish to push their ideas and beliefs onto us. At present there is a strong demand for us to submit to the requests and desires of others, despite our possible opposition to these demands.

I believe it is important that we follow our own intuitive advice and wisdom, rather than give in to beliefs and requests that do not appear to be in our highest interest. Nor do we need to request that others, especially family and friends, submit to our beliefs, but realise that each person should follow their own intuitive advice, which may, or may not, be similar to our own.

‘Submitting’ is something we have probably been programmed to do from times long past, but today there is new wisdom and knowledge available to us. We need to believe in our own wisdom, and follow our highest ideals.

When we understand that we are each a vital part of the ‘oneness’ of all, we can turn aside from old worn-out habits, and face the Light that is now pouring onto our Planet. Instead of spending hours trying to negotiate all the possible information given to us from many sources, we must trust and believe in our own intuitive, spiritual wisdom.

We have chosen to arrive on this Planet during these somewhat difficult times, to perhaps learn a new way of living, and spread the compassion and harmony we are discovering within us, to all parts of the world.

We can each follow our own inner creativity and wisdom, instead of submitting to the demands of others, but neither forcing them to submit to our own beliefs.

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