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Stirring the Bowl of Human Life

The ancient tribal people foretold that there would come a time of change for humanity, and although the ‘naysayers’ predicted that it meant the end of this planet, instead what is happening is a recovery of our ancient wisdom and a refocusing on

what is actually important.

A virus no one expected is stirring the Bowl of Human Life, and encouraging – or sometimes enforcing, positive change. Although many are waiting for ‘back to normal’ we are now birthing a ‘new normal’. Giving birth is often a painful experience, but the new life that is born brings joy and blessings we never expected. No longer must we accept ‘this is the way things are’.

When close contact with friends, neighbours, community and family is prevented, we then understand the importance of contact and connection with others. When we have to maintain ‘social distancing’ we begin to notice our fellow travelers, instead of being immersed in our own thoughts. The noticing forms an invisible energy connection.

Our fear of the virus may stimulate a new awareness of our current health; we can no longer ignore bad habits, and instead notice any unhealthy patterns of behaviour and feel a strong need to reinstate positive health. We probably spend more time on our computers and IPads and may discover many world-wide meditation groups that we can join to hopefully help eliminate some of the suffering of others. Instead of the ‘distancing’ we are told is happening, there is now more contact and togetherness, albeit on a different vibratory level.

The Bowl of Human Life is certainly being stirred, and a wonderful soup of humanity is being created.

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