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Starting Anew

Now that we have passed the ‘turning point’ for our current lives on Planet Earth, it is the time for ‘new beginnings’.

What direction would you like your new life to take?

This doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your present job if you enjoy it, or leaving friends and partnerships if they add to the happiness to your life.

It means to look within and decide if there is a more inspiring person in there who hasn’t been let out before – perhaps because of fear that this inner person may be ridiculed, or might upset your present friends.

Perhaps this person within has an empathic quality that could help with healing, and give a deeper understanding of those who may need help?

Maybe you are more intuitive than you have believed? Maybe there is more wisdom stored away that has not been allowed to be expressed?

If you have chosen to live on planet Earth at this important time it is because you knew you could help create a positive difference using the gifts and abilities you have stored away in your back pocket. Have a look and see what might be hiding there! Now is the time to let this wisdom flow; what perhaps wasn’t relevant before may be very relevant now.

I believe we all have gifts and abilities we haven’t allowed to surface before; but in this freer, more positive energy we can let the wisdom soar above all the negative drama confronting us, and inspire many lives to create new, positive beginnings.

Imagine you are like a beautiful butterfly, flying and resting on colorful flowers, and all those who see you are filled with love for the beauty of nature.

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