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Spreading Love

The message today is to spread love; first to ourselves and then to each person we have any contact with – even those we pass in the street with their eyes fixed on their mobile phones. A happy smile, a silent blessing, a few words of warm acknowledgement has a much greater effect than we probably realise.

As we spread the energy of love to each person today we are doing our part to change the world from fear and despair to peace and happiness.

Each loving smile is a drop of love into the ocean of peace and harmony within which we are all connected. Even though we can’t see the change in energy, there will be a change happening, especially if those people appeared worried, tense or sad.

But we mustn’t forget to give ourselves the same greeting of love as we look in the mirror in the morning. We can tell that image we love ourselves, and are surrounded by invisible angels who are waiting to spread our love and blessings to everyone we connect with – and also to our furry and feathered friends.

Imagine you are spreading tiny beautiful rainbows over each person today, and as you imagine, so you create.

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