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Shining Our Light

Today’s message is about ‘shining our light’ – with every breath we take!

Even when our life seems somewhat dismal, and what we see around us and read in our media appears to attract and promote negativity, even the smallest candle can change the light in the darkest place.

Perhaps we believe we are in a dark space and imagine we are surrounded by scary and negative things? Once we light our little candle and then look around, nothing is actually scary as we had imagined.

and then look around, nothing is actually scary as we had imagined.

There is beautiful scenery, lovely plants flourishing and people with smiling faces. We are actually in a calm, peaceful and serene space. Others in the same space are heaving a sigh of relief now they can each see peace and beauty; what a difference our small candle of light can make!

If we feel in our pocket, we will find we are all carrying small candles; we just need to light them. Hang on! There are also boxes of matches there!

Once we light our candles, perhaps others will also find their candles and light them; what a difference a ray of light can make. It doesn’t create the beauty, but shows us what really surrounds us when we stop imagining the worst, and allow our light to show us our actual reality, the light of love, beauty, and calm, peaceful serenity.

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