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Respectful Regard

In this context ‘regard’ means having regard for others as well as yourself; that is, respecting the beliefs and deeds of others despite how different they might be to your own.

We are each just one piece of the magical jigsaw puzzle of life we call ‘humanity’, and when we have a respectful regard for each other, then another piece can be placed into the jigsaw.

Eventually, with warm regard, all the pieces can be placed in their correct positions, then the jigsaw of Humanity will result in the beautiful picture we are each helping to create.

Even when the words, actions or beliefs of another do not sit comfortably within our section of the jigsaw, there will be another section somewhere where that piece can be perfectly positioned, and everything will align.

When we have a respectful regard for others, we do not criticize their beliefs. We do not always understand the situations which have created those – to us, negative beliefs, or as I tell myself “I do not stand in their shoes”

If we accept the differences we know that the beautiful jigsaw picture we are creating together would not work if everyone was a ‘tree’, of a ‘wave on the ocean’, or a ‘nose on a face’ – imagine a face created only by a bunch of noses!!

With respectful regard for differences, our beautiful picture of Humanity will create a Planet of harmonious love, compassion, acceptance and grace, where everything has its perfect place.

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