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Resilience during Change

Almost every Blog has mentioned ‘change’, but we must realise that the planet has already changed, and we need to acknowledge this change.

There is now no going back to the way things were; that old path has been destroyed, so we must accept and acknowledge this change and develop resilience.

What steps can we each take to move with this change? There will always be friends and relatives who say “just wait; everything will return to normal”. Don’t argue, just smile, change the subject, or walk away. Business will also change as we are developing caring communities rather than competitors.

Our treatment of the planet will also need to change so that we have a beautiful and bountiful place to live.

When something in your life doesn’t seem to be working, this is a hint that the ‘something’ needs to be changed – no point in complaining and wishing this wasn’t happening! We each chose to arrive on the planet during this very special time; we each have an important role to play and the first step is developing acceptance and resilience.

Remember the ‘butterfly effect’? A small positive change made by one person can have an on-going, wide-ranging effect. We may each be a small pebble on the beach of eternity, but one day we will be part of a magnificent cliff protecting all the land above, and all of life above and below.

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