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When you feel as if you are going through a difficult time, the quality that is most important, together with courage, is resilience.

Yes, we are constantly hearing about the worst kind of scenarios facing our planet, our beloved nature, and all of humanity. However we need to remember that this too shall pass.

Without facing and confronting difficulties we do not learn what changes are necessary to overcome them and move forward. Unfortunately these difficulties have to sometimes be fully in our face before new ways to deal with them can be sought. We have a long history of holding onto ‘the way things have always been’, and our fear of change has been holding us back for a long time.

However when we seek within our hearts we will find the resilience that has always been with us and is now pleading to be released and brought to the surface. Our resilience will see us through difficult times; there is always a beautiful light at the end of a tunnel of darkness. If we look around us we will see the resilience that is growing, expanding, benefitting us all and spreading hope, kindness and courage. Difficulties push our boundaries, and then out flows resilience and positive change. When we are resilient we will always overcome.

With resilience we can focus on the wonderful growth, kindness and compassion, and the positive changes we are creating, step by step.

If someone you know is struggling with negative effects from the fires, or a practitioner is working with people affected by the fires, I am happy to donate "Heaven Sent” to help cope with the stress and fear, But please ring the office, 02 9528 4106 ….not through the website for a donation 💛 with much LOVE ad LIGHT

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