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Remembering the virus

One day, some day, this current virus may be remembered as a positive act of humanity that cleared out more fear, negativity, and conflict from the world than winning wars.

Currently we are experiencing compassion for those affected, be they family, friends, neighbours, or those living in distant parts of the world. We are learning the social value of friends and family when we are separated from them. We are learning the importance of personal care, and valuing the food we consume.

We are filled with gratitude for those many health workers who are bravely working to help others survive, often at the risk of their own lives, as did the firefighters during the fires. A light is now shining on much we have taken for granted.

Humanity is turning a corner on this planet we call home, and we are now observing and valuing it differently. As the vibration is raised the old negative energies of fear, conflict, war and competition are gradually being wiped out and replaced with the love, compassion and peace we have always been seeking.

The caterpillar that consumed the plant has become a chrysalis; the beautiful butterfly inside is gradually emerging and will spread its wings to rise and enjoy its wonderful new home.

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