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Releasing our Burdens

Burdens are encumbrances we are carrying from time out of mind that we no longer need. They may have served us once, but not today; they are unconscious memories that are no longer appropriate.

If we sometimes feel tired for no obvious reason, then perhaps carrying those old burdens may be the cause of our tiredness. Even when we may not be aware of these burdens they are still recorded in our DNA, our Akashic record, and a current negative thought can trigger these unpleasant feelings.

How can we get rid of these feelings when we’re not aware of the cause? Replace the negative feeling with a thought of happiness, any small thought

or memory of happiness. Remember that darkness cannot exist where there is light – even the smallest torchlight removes darkness! Try not to feed the burden of darkness with anything negative, but instead replace every negative feeling with a positive thought, because it’s our thoughts that create our feelings.

There was a time when releasing these burdens may have seemed impossible, but today everything is actually possible.

What we think, we create, and small thoughts and memories of happiness, love and compassion can paint over any dark areas on the canvas of our life with the colours of a beautiful rainbow.

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