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Receiving Information

One of our most important gifts is our ability to receive information, to notice and value synchronicities, and to honour our intuition.

Each day we are writing our ‘information journal’ as we notice new steps we can follow, and record this new information into our ‘Book of Wisdom’ which is then recorded in our heart and cellular memory.

When we realise that this current life journey is a gathering of information to be assessed, studied, and then recorded into our ‘inner computer’, we will start to notice the many gems of knowledge and wisdom that surround us each day, and realise that these can be used for the positive growth of ourselves and all humanity.

Perhaps we could start each day with an affirmation to assist with our awareness? For example; “My inner ears and eyes are open and receptive, and I give grateful thanks for all the information I receive that will increase my wisdom and understanding.”

Remember we have many helpers in Spirit who can scatter the gems of information and wisdom along our human path, but only we can pause and choose to pick them up, and incorporate them into our Book of Wisdom that we are writing and incorporating into our heart.

No matter how we choose to spend these days of our human lives, if we remain open to the gems of information and wisdom, we will find them – often where we least expect.

We can then choose to use them to enhance our inner growth, and the growth of all humanity.

Information I bring, both ancient and new;

Amazing wisdom, heart-centered and true.

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