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Positive Thoughts Create a Positive Future

Although the media is continually pushing negative messages about our ‘powerlessness’, for example due to a virus pandemic, our reality however is quite different.

Higher vibrational energies are being downloaded onto Mother Earth, giving us more wisdom and abilities than we remember, and positive thoughts create a positive future.

A door is opening to new beginnings, helping us now move forward to new paths and opportunities that have been waiting for us to discover – or rediscover. This high energy is impacting us all if we choose, and helping us uncover abilities we have forgotten – or that have been covered over by those in power! And rediscover the amazing, creative Beings we actually are.

Know that we have arrived on Mother Earth not to spread a belief in our powerlessness and thus allow the creation of a negative future, but instead to spread love, peace, oneness, and compassion throughout our beautiful planet.

Remember positive thoughts create a positive future, and a smile to each person we pass does much more healing than a fearful thought.

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