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Positive Abandonment

The message today is about ‘abandonment’. When we feel ‘abandoned’ we might feel sad and angry, with a feeling of loss; but ‘abandonment also means leaving old stuff behind for a chance to find something new and more appealing.

‘Abandonment’ is a term usually associated with loss and sadness, but if we change this wording to ‘moving forward’ we can understand that change is necessary, usually very positive, and ‘abandonment’ just means creating a space for something different to grow.

If we are the trigger for the abandonment of others, we might feel guilty, but remember that everything always works out for the highest good of all as long as we don’t interfere.

Sometimes our Spirit, or Guidance, knows what is needed for us today, so the old stuff we are holding on to needs to be abandoned to leave the space required for something new. If we are unable to release that which is old and inappropriate, then we need help to do this, and help may come from any direction without our ego requesting it. However, when we can look back, we will feel grateful for all that happened.

We are creating a new and different world to the best of our abilities, so when our personal environment changes, we need to accept with gratitude all we have learned from our past, and move with love and joy into the future we are creating.

When a deciduous tree loses its leaves does it feel abandoned? Those leaves now create lovely fertile soil for the tree to grow its new leaves.

So, let’s abandon ‘abandonment’! The lessons we have learned from our past are also creating the fertile soil for our new growth towards more love and wisdom.

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