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The message today is about ‘overwhelm’.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the friends who need your help, or want you to listen to their stories again and again?

Do you feel overwhelmed by projects you’ve started but haven’t found time or inclination to finish?

OK, let’s put things into perspective. Perhaps none of these ‘overwhelms’ are as important as they might seem?

What is more important, is spending a little time each day doing something that comforts, excites, or brings you joy, love and peace.

In these times of ‘overwhelm’ there must always be a space for some quiet, peaceful time in our lives. We don’t really need to be always ‘doing’! Our minds as well as our bodies need to relax, and to learn from nature.

The seasons with which our planet is gifted gives nature time to slow down, to rest or sleep, to begin to grow again, to bloom, and then to rest again. Nature doesn’t push itself into overwhelm by perpetual growth with no time to rest.

So lets learn from the trees and the flowers and the animals, and realise we are all planted on this Planet to grow peacefully, to spread our branches, and to blossom when the time is right – with no need to push ourselves into overwhelm.

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