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‘Overbearing’ means holding on to too much – carrying too many burdens. It also means having an ‘overbearing’ attitude toward others and trying to prevent them from following their personal life-path because we believe we know better!

Even though we may believe ‘overburdening’ to be a necessary part of our lives, this is no longer the case. If we lay our burdens aside for a while we’ll understand that we no longer need to carry them – they are part of an old belief pattern from long ago, especially evident for women.

We may have become ‘overbearing’ in our attitude towards others because we believe we have their best interests at heart and want to redirect them. However when we understand that we are each a part of the oneness of Spirit, all we need to do is honour and accept each of our journeys, listen to our intuitive wisdom, and never feel blame, shame or guilt towards ourselves or towards others.

There are many different pathways that lead to the same destination. Actually, the pathways are the destination, part of the beautiful pattern of oneness that encircles and connects us all, and how much more easily could we join with this flow without carrying unnecessary burdens.

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