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Our Hunger for Negative Information

We often hunger for negative information perhaps because on some level it satisfies our desire for stimulation, excitement and even protection.

There is a section of our mental, ego-based makeup from the past that requires stimulation to keep us alert and safe, and negative news has that ‘wake-up’ punch, more than positive news. Positive information brings a feeling of peace and harmony, but negative information arouses us.

There is a part of our old energy that feels it must be on the alert all the time – we never know what might be waiting around the next corner...?? Negative thoughts and beliefs keep this energy on the alert. But aren’t we searching for peace, happiness and harmony? Apparently only when we are totally convinced that there is no more danger lurking out of sight!! (Perhaps this is why I’m always signing petitions and writing letters to politicians!)

However I believe the time is coming – or already here, when we no longer need to be alert for negative trouble, and then peace and harmony can take their rightful place in the centre of our lives; now our brains can be rewired permanently towards peace and compassion.

Perhaps when we stop searching for hungry tigers and angry wolves, we will find purring pussycats and friendly doggies, as this is what we are creating.

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