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Our Health

Health is a very big issue and something which is troubling many at present. However, health is not the complicated problem we believe it to be; actually, it’s quite simple. As we think, so we believe, and as we believe, so we create, and we are told to believe many negative messages and mis-information.

Our health relies almost entirely on our thoughts. Even genetic disease, which we believe manifests because that information is in our genetic inheritance, will only manifest if the fear of it is in our unconscious mind.

Remember our unconscious mind rules a large proportion of our thoughts, emotions, and therefore, actions. But we are in control of our conscious thoughts, so it is vitally important that we use conscious thought to reprogram the unconscious mind. As we become aware of our fears regarding health, we must negate them and make a dedicated effort to override them with positive messages and affirmations, such as:

I am created in the energy of God/Spirit, and no negative or harmful qualities can enter my physical or emotional being. I am that I am, immortal, eternal, universal love.

The fear of imbalances, such as cancer, and at present the virus, is so widespread throughout our communities, and the fear is feeding the development of these imbalances. Certainly, there are lifestyle factors which contribute to the development of health problems, but our fears—usually unconscious—are at the root of all health imbalances.

No matter which health problem is currently impacting us, and regardless of what we’ve been told by medical doctors regarding this imbalance, we have an innate ability to control our health issues.

No, it’s not easy; we will need to overcome centuries of belief in our powerlessness, but please begin to think differently and teach your children differently from the way we were probably taught.

Remember to ask our Inner Being to remove any imbalances from our cells and our cellular memory. Meditate, use affirmations, spend time in nature, take vibrational essences which access the unconscious, and be constantly on guard to negate negative thoughts, and eventually, health imbalances will become purely a matter of choice.

When we begin to discover our own forgotten abilities, we can rebalance our health, and rebalance nature, and our beautiful planet.

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