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Our Desire for Abundance

We have been conditioned to believe that ‘abundance’ means possessing lots of physical goods – money, property, goods, and stocks and shares etc; our belief is that these will make us happy during this life.

But do these physical goods bring us happiness? Too often we measure our self-worth by possessions, but what evidence do we have that these physical goods bring happiness?

Certainly we need food, shelter, clothing and often employment, but our conscious and unconscious need for more abundance comes usually from fear; fear of feeling worthless if we don’t have abundance. We have lived for centuries admiring and envying those with an obvious abundance of wealth, but were these people really happy?

When we release our desire for wealth and abundance, and value the real treasures of life – loving families, friendships, health and the gift of giving and receiving love, we can start each day with grateful thanks for the many blessings that surround us, and then our fear-based need for abundance will begin to diminish.

If we dig deep into our heart we’ll find an abundance of joy, peace and contentment……..but a list of physical goods?? When we connect to our heart-centered energy we can discover the peace and happiness that dwells within each of us, and an unshakable faith that our needs will always be provided for; and when we believe that our needs will be met, guess what? They are!

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