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The message today is regarding ‘oneness’. What we need to understand is that ‘oneness’ doesn’t mean ‘sameness’ – that we lose our individuality! Instead it means complete acceptance of differences, and understanding that despite our human differences, within each of us is the Light of God, or love.

Although we all have different backgrounds, are programmed with different beliefs, ‘oneness’ means understanding that we are each branches of the same tree – the tree of humanity.

With the new feminine energy now impacting our planet, the obsession with ‘differences’ can finally diminish, and we can accept differences with understanding, compassion and acceptance.

We have all been seeded with the DNA of our Pleiadian ancestors, and although we belong to different tribes, communities and countries, we also belong to the oneness of humanity.

When, with intent, we release our ancient programs of competitiveness and fearfulness, and instead incorporate the ‘oneness’ of equality and sharing, so many of our current problems will cease; we will understand that what benefits some, but denies others, must instead benefit all.

The Coral Reefs of our Great Barrier Reef show how, without our interference, many native species can live together in cooperation and create the wonderful beauty we all admire.

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