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Nurturing our Energy Being

We need to understand how important our energy is – that specific energy which activates our human bodies and just as importantly, our minds. We understand the energy that is attached to our physical body, but we also need to be aware of the energy that is attached to, and activating our minds.

Now, more than ever, our minds i.e. our thoughts, creativity, wisdom, inner knowing and communication are extremely important, as there is growth required in each of those areas. Our planet is growing and changing, and the human life attached to it is also in the process of change and growth. For this to be activated in a positive reliable way, our energy must be nurtured and cared for.

Our energy, our lifeforce, needs to be appropriately fed, watered, rested, and given space and time to develop and grow, in order to spread its ability much deeper than previously. It makes no sense to use all our current store of energy on one specific operation, leaving no reserve to nourish us while we continue to create.

Imagine our energy body is a child we birthed and are caring for, encouraging healthy growth, while it discovers new amazing abilities, and learns more about itself, its environment, and its human community.

Perhaps this ‘young Energy Being’ is living within each of us, constantly discovering new abilities, using them creatively, and growing day by day. Let’s nurture and nourish this developing ‘Energy Being,’ making sure all its requirements are provided for its continual growth.

How exciting it will be to see what develops!

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