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Not Knowing

This may sound strange, but ‘not knowing’ is where we all are at present. We see both

the old actions and beliefs, but we are also aware of a new direction we could move towards.

Which direction shall we take? We say “we don’t know”!

However if we decide to follow our dreams and aspirations and leave the old negative behind, we’ll know that this is the right direction. When enough of us – and this is already happening, get on board and prepare to head towards an unknown future but with positive beliefs of love, peace, compassion and caring, then we begin to understand that this will be the destination of our communities, countries and planet.

Even though we may often look back, listen to the news and say “My God! Where are we going?” Our Highest Self can already see the first horizon of our destination and says “Mate, keep moving forward; that horizon looks so beautiful I can’t wait to get there!”

While our logical ego mind shakes its head and says “Where are we headed? We don’t know!” Our heart says “Yes you do! You’ve already decided; that new map is open in your heart, and you are following it”.

Although we’ve been programmed to notice the ‘nasties’ because we are aware they somehow don’t fit into the beautiful tapestry we’ve begun weaving, when we pause, follow our dreams, and look at the bigger picture there will be no more ‘not knowing’.

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