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Inner Perception not Outer Politics

The message today is about ‘politics’ – or should I say "disclaimers, rumours, dislikes, failures etc.

Rather than focus on what we believe to be missing or wrong, which is sometimes the message of politics! Focus instead on politeness, friendship, caring and commitment.

When we listen to the policies of politics, we either approve, or more likely disapprove. But if we turn our backs to the misfitting messages, and instead listen to our heart-centered intuition, we may then form a small society committed to kindness, caring and compassion.

Perhaps we don’t realise how far one person’s small actions can spread, but if we look to Mother Nature we see how each small energy continues to thrive within the whole. Nature doesn’t need a political system; everything works together for the greatest advantage of all, and even when it appears to be overcome by a destructive force, each plant, tree, and patch of grass will grow again.

Perhaps we can each become one drop of rain that nourishes one small plant, but together we could become a beautiful shower that nourishes a forest or a field.

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