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The message today is the importance of honesty.

To practice honesty means to firstly always be honest with oneself – that is, not trying to hide from something we don’t wish to acknowledge, perhaps a habit or an emotion of which we disapprove.

When we are honest with ourselves we can acknowledge and change negative patterns, rather than denying them and telling others and ourselves that they don’t exist.

Being honest with ourselves takes courage and commitment, but when we are open and honest with ourselves, then honesty toward others follows automatically.

Dishonesty should no longer exist in the new energy, in the new world we are beginning to create. When there is a lack of honesty, even in seemingly inconsequential areas, then dishonesty starts to feel acceptable and spreads its tentacles into many other areas.

It takes faith, trust and courage to always communicate with honesty. We may feel that

we will be honoured and accepted more readily by friends, families and neighbours if we cover over the truth, particularly if it concerns something in ourselves of which we disapprove. However, the honesty involved in admitting failures and mistakes is always more impressive, and adds the colour of positivity to that which we thought we could hide.

Every colour is equally important in the tapestry of life, and honesty will show patterns and designs that can now take their rightful place in the picture of wholeness.

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