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The description ‘greatness’ is a word we may be accustomed to associating with royalty, or with military victories, but very rarely with ourselves.

Although usually used to describe historically important people or events, ‘greatness’ is a quality that lies within us all, but usually denied and well hidden.

In fact it sometimes requires a ‘life or death’ decision and experience to push us to discover our greatness. For me, this was doing a fire walk during a Stuart Wilde workshop – something I believed was totally impossible, especially as I was hospitalized as a small child when I walked over some burning coals! That fire walk forced me to realise that we have undiscovered abilities of ‘greatness’.

I really wish that with love, faith and trust we could discover the wonderful creative spiritual being that lives within each of us, just waiting to be experienced in our human lives. However love and compassion would first need to be our ‘bottom line’ or we might continue to delegate greatness to winning and conquering.

Hopefully it won’t need a near-death-experience (or a fire walk) to remove the dark veil covering us. Once we notice and remember the small occurrences in our lives that are ‘great’ and usually unexpected we can start to place all these pieces together to create the beautiful pattern that is our human life. Then we can say “isn’t that great! My ‘greatness’ is now revealed”.

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