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‘Friendship’ means giving care, love, and compassion towards all, regardless of their beliefs which may seem different to ours.

Friendship is acceptance and caring even for workmates who may seem to be causing us trouble; for family members we may feel distanced from, and neighbours we don’t really know.

Friendship is an important step towards the ‘Oneness’ we are here to create.

We may feel that ‘friendship’ can only be felt and communicated to others on the same path as ourselves, with the same beliefs and background, and those who seem very ‘different’ cannot become friends; however don’t we feel friendship towards our pets – our dogs, cats, birds etc?

‘Friends’ signifies closeness, but ‘friendship’ is warmth that can be spread to all; it means we accept differences, and don’t reject or criticize. The feeling of ‘friendship’ is like spreading the colourful rays of love to all with whom we communicate, and a warm smile is part of that communication.

‘Friendship is an important part of our spiritual growth, and is the ground upon which the spiritual seeds of love, compassion, acceptance and caring can be nurtured.

We need to put ‘friendship’ at the top of our list of qualities we are planting and growing in our garden of human endeavour; and remember we were not created to grow alone.

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