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Feminine Evolution

The message today is about our evolution.

We are constantly evolving, not in a physical manner, but are engaged in a spiritual evolution.

As new essences and energies present themselves, they trigger information laying within our Akashic memory in our DNA until we are ready and able to absorb that new energy and wisdom. One of the latest streams of inner power and wisdom is the connection to our feminine energy.

Feminine energies are those involved in caring, compassion, intuition and rebirthing ourselves in a more humane way on our planet. For centuries the Mars energy of competition and warfare has shown us what doesn’t work for survival and growth. Now the feminine Venus energy is gently moving us towards love, compassion and peace. We are evolving past the old dark negative energies, and are arriving at a place of Light and inner strength.

We are all connected to the feminine energy, regardless of our current gender, and as we evolve spiritually, we are opening to discover our beautiful field of inner strength and love. We are beginning to seek more loving, compassionate and wholesome ways to help humanity thrive and grow.

Feminine energy helps us express care for ourselves and each other, and also care for Mother Earth and the life of Nature on this beautiful planet. The feminine principles that have often been discounted for millennia are now arising to empower us with Light and love.

Enjoy this beautiful, important and vital feminine energy which impacts us all.

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